Why SpheroTest is unique?

Only SpheroTest uses the patented process to create 3D micro tumors.

These are very similar to those in the body of the individual patient. They also consist of the different cell types, typical for this individual tumor.
In contrast other test methods in this field are only two dimensional. Their tumor cells grow flat in a testing tube and have not much in common with the cell structure of a patients tumor.
Therefore only SpheroTest provides the data to predict with a high certainty if and how well the various available drugs will work on the individual patients` tumor cells. Additionally these micro tumors contain cells of the immune system. Their reaction to the SpheroTest allows a forecast how the bodys´s own immune defence mechanisms can be activated to fight against the individual patients` tumor cells in the optimum way.

For whom is SpheroTest suitable?

SpheroTest is suitable for patients with „solid tumor“, but not for cancer of the blood system, e.g. Leukemia. >> more

What are the benefits of SpheroTest?

SpheroTest helps you and your physicians to decide, which therapy is fo you personally the most effective one.>> more

How does SpheroTest work?

The physicians and biologists of SpheroMed need the vital tumor tissue from the surgery or a biopsy. >> more

Does my health insurance pay for SpheroTest?

Our consulting is free of charge. To see if SpheroTest gets reimbursed by your insurance, an individual application needs to be filed. In Germany the private health insurances (PKV) usually are very cooperative in this regards. We support you with the necessary documents. >> more


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