For whom is SpheroTest(TM) suitable?

The SpheroTest™ is suitable for patients with so-called “solid tumors”.

Our method can not be used against cancer of the hematopoietic system, such as leukemia.
The test can be helpful for example when therapies have proven to be ineffective after initial treatment, such as surgery or radiation. Then physician and patient have to decide whether further therapy should be tried and which options are still available.
But in these situations there is usually no secure evidence which drugs will be most suitable. Also many cancer drugs are not effective in all tumor diseases or their effectiveness has not yet been testes in clinical trials for certain tumors. In addition, scientific studies give only statistical probabilities of the effectiveness of treatments, which do not allow a save prediction of the individual patients prognosis.

The result: With inadequate information on the effectiveness of a therapy on a particular tumor, it may happen that patients undergo a treatment from whicht they do not profit much, but nevertheless suffer from significant side effects.
In such cases, the SpheroTest provides the decisive information which therapy will be the most effective one.

As our biologists need fresh tumor tissue of the patient a Spherotest can only be done if a surgery or a diagnostic biopsy is planned.


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