How does SpheroTest work?

In order to perform the SpheroTest, scientists from SpheroMed need fresh tumor tissue which was obtained at surgery or a biopsy.

We organize the gentle transport of the removed tissue to our laboratory. From this material, the scientists of SpheroMed grow in the laboratory within 48 hours mini-spherical tumors, so-called spheroids. These are very similar due to the three-dimensional architecture of the individual patient's tumor. The miniature tumors consist of the different cell types like the patients tumor. They also contain cells from the immediate vicinity of the tumor. These are important, for example, to test the effect of drugs, which are dependent on immune cells to exert their effect.
Our scientists can determine if and how effective a drug will work in this cancer. The test allows to check the effectiveness of individual drugs as well as those of drug combinations. This gives the treating phyiscian and his patient more certainty to select the most effective therapy and may help to avoid its unnecessary side effects. After about a week, we can offer you and your physician the test results. Your doctor now has the opportunity to recommend a therapy that is tailored to you and your tumor.


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