Ovarian Cancer

When you got the first time the diagnose of ovarian cancer, your physicians will propose a combination of surgery and chemotherapy. Their choice of the cytostatika is based on the results of studies with large patient groups, which are summarised in guidelines. For primary ovarian cancer the choice of drugs is clearly stated. As a standard Carboplatin™ and Paclitaxel™ is to be used.

After the treatment of the primary cancer the tumor recurs in 68% of the patients within 5 years.

When you get diagnosed with a recurring ovraian cancer or if Carboplatin™ and Pacliaxel™ have failed to treat the primary tumor, then the guidelines offerat least 12 different drugs. All of them showed in studies with large patient groups similar results.

However as every patient and every tumor have individually different characteristics, neither the guideline nor the underlying study results can predict, which of the 12 drugs will be the most effective for you. Therefore many therapies need to be stopped with the originally selected drug and according by try&error alternatives will be tested on you for their effectiveness.

Our experts will use the SpheroTest to avoid this with side effects associated “testing” on you. We will ensure from the beginning, that your physicians recieve data allowing to select the for you most effective treatment.
We breed out of the surgically removed tumor spherical micro tumors, which are and react very similar to your tumor.
We then treat these micro tumors with the various available drugs. Already after a few days we usually can clearly read out which drugs will fight against the tumor cells most efficiently. We then will provide you and your physicians these data.

As SpheroTest only works with “fresh” tissue, it is important that youcontact us as early as possible.

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