lung cancer

If you recived the diagnosis “lung cancer” your team of physicians will propose a combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The choice of chemo therapy is based on results of extensive studies, which are consolidated in guidelines. These list several different drugs as therapy alternatives, as these drugs had shown similar results in the patient groups which participated in the clincial trials. However as every patient and every tumor have individualy different characteristics, neither the study results nor the guidelines allow a prediction which drug will be the most efficient for you. Therefore many therapies have to be canceled as the selected drugs did not show the desired results. Then according to the principle of “try ad error” various other drugs get probed on you.

We have developed SpheroTest, to avoid this testing on you and the associated side effects and loss of valuable time and to ensure as early as possible that you receive the drugs which will treat your cancer most succesful.

First we breed from biopsy or surgically resected tumor tissue within 48 hours spherical micro tumors which react and are very similar to your tumor.

Then we treat these tumors with all available pharmaceutical therapy options. Already a few days later we usually can read out clearly which drug(s) will kill the cancer cells most effectively. This information we then provide you and your physicians.

Spheromed has documented successfully in a clinical study the predictive power of SpheroTest for breast cancer and can also share data for various cancer types.

As this test only works with “fresh” resected tissue, it is very important that we are contacted by you as early as possible,

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